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Casper has Opinions on: the pilot of "THE LAST OF US"

*** SPOILERS *****

CASPER: I don't understand you.

PAM: Thousands of fans would disagree with you.

CASPER: You told me that when we started writing these reviews that it would be because we chose something that had to do with music or animals.

PAM: Are you brand shaming me?

CASPER: I don't even know what that is. Wouldn't that be if I was making fun of your brand? Or making you feel guilty about your brand?

PAM: I mean, you are a little.

CASPER: Why are we reviewing the pilot to The Last of Us.

PAM: Are we just going to completely ignore that dog in the beginning that was scared of its owners cause they were infected?

CASPER: That one dog.

PAM: Think about it. (Beat) Casper and I watched the pilot to "This is Us"


PAM: Right. What's This is Us?

CASPER: That show with Mandy Moore that you're obsessed with.

PAM: We could review that!


PAM: (Silent)

CASPER: (Silent)

PAM: I feel like you're mad at me.

CASPER: I just want to see where this is going.

PAM: I loved the pilot to this show. Apparently it's based on a video game.

CASPER: Yes. Sony.

PAM: Oh, you knew? Have you played it?!

CASPER: There's a lot of hostility coming from you.

PAM: Coming from YOU. If we were the last of us... this is what it would be like.

CASPER: (Ignores her) This is a show about a global pandemic that turns people into zombies. A single father in Texas loses his daughter in the opening.

PAM: What an opening sequence!

CASPER: Very strong. It flash forwards 20 years later where the pandemic is now attempting to be controlled.

PAM: I loved it.

CASPER: Me too.

PAM: I was at the edge of my seat, I was shocked after that opening, I was happy to see that actress from Fringe again.

CASPER: She was also on Mind Hunter.

PAM: I never watched that.

CASPER: We're NOT reviewing it.

PAM: I can't wait to see what happens next. I heard Nick Offerman is in it.

CASPER: He is?? I love that guy!

PAM: I know you do. Also the guy from White Lotus.

CASPER: Which one?

PAM: The Hotel manager from the first season.

CASPER: Bangarang.

PAM: (beat) Did you just reference HOOK?

CASPER: Maybe.

PAM: You're six years old, we've never even watched that movie.

CASPER: Two paws up.

PAM: 9 fingers for me.

CASPER: I wish you would just commit for once.


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