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Casper has Opinions on: COCAINE BEAR

** Spoilers Below**

PAM: Welcome to Casper has Opinions where Casper shares his opinions on anything in pop culture that involves music or animals.

CASPER: So naturally we're discussing Cocaine Bear which we just saw last night.

PAM: What. A. Ride.

CASPER: It was bloodier than I thought it would be.

PAM: I know! I don't know what I was expecting... it is a bear high on cocaine after all.

CASPER: When I'm high on Cocaine, I tend to...

PAM: Stop.

CASPER: Before we get into details, I want to say that the trailer really doesn't show you an ounce of what you're about to experience.

PAM: I agree! The trailer makes it look super goofy and over-the-top campy.

CASPER: Which at times... let's face it... it's a bear high on cocaine.

PAM: It is a bear high on cocaine. But the acting was legit. The only real campy person was Jesse Tyler Ferguson and it didn't even really bother me.

CASPER: When I saw Kerri Russell in the trailer I though... well this is an odd turn for her career. But honestly... in the movie, she was so committed and real...

PAM: As she always is...

CASPER: It just worked. Every actor was so honest in this movie even though the subject matter was...

PAM: Insane.

CASPER: Ridiculous.

PAM: Every character was so fun to watch.

CASPER: Elizabeth Banks nailed it.

PAM: Truly. I mean, right from the start she had me with "JANE" by Jefferson Starship. Little Wet Hot American Summer shout out.

CASPER: Can we talk about Ray Liotta?

PAM: Ray Liotta. RIP.

CASPER: What a movie to go out with.

PAM: And what a way to go out in a movie.

CASPER: Brutal.

PAM: What were some things you disliked?

CASPER: When Ray Liotta kicked the cubs and shot the bear.

PAM: Yeah. I didn't like that either.

CASPER: What was your favorite part?

PAM: The whole ambulance, stretcher sequence was incredible. I also loved the little subplot with the detective and the dog. Every time he trailed off on the dog, I couldn't stop laughing.

CASPER: If you could change one thing about the movie, what would you change?

PAM: Hmm.

CASPER: Whenever you're ready.

PAM: The ONLY thing I would have changed comes from the writer in me. I would have not had Joan die of cancer. I would have had Joan be the cop who betrayed the department. So when she shows up in the park, the jean jacket guy freaks out. Make HIM the one that stands in front of the bullet to let her go.

CASPER: What a ride.

PAM: I'm giving it two hands up.


PAM: Not you??

CASPER: I don't have hands, Pam.

overall: 19/20

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