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Casper Has Opinions on: THE LITTLE MERMAID

CASPER: I don't think the Prince asks enough questions at the end about what had JUST happened.

PAM: Oh, we're starting there?

CASPER: We can start anywhere, it's just... yeah? I felt like he was a little too accepting of this new reality that was forced upon him.

PAM: We saw the Little Mermaid.

CASPER: On this blog we only discuss movies that have a strong music theme and/or animal theme.

PAM: What about joy? Some would say that our 'brand' brings people joy.


PAM: I loved it.

CASPER: I liked it a lot.

PAM: The Little Mermaid was the first movie I ever saw in theatres in 1989.

CASPER: You old.

PAM: She became the princess I most identified with.

CASPER: Cause you stupid?

PAM: Who are you right now?

CASPER: I thought Jacob Tremblay was so good as Flounder.

PAM: I agree! Underrated performance. His vocal work was pretty perfect.

CASPER: Obviously Halle was wonderful.

PAM: I'm so glad you thought so!

CASPER: Why wouldn't I? I don't like your tone and I'm not going to allow you to bait me so we're moving on.

PAM: Was the 'bait' intended?

CASPER: What did you think of Melissa McCarthy?

PAM: Honestly? I think she was great, but I think she played it safe. There were moments of McCarthy that acme through and sparkled, I wanted a little more. She felt a little stifled, but I thought her voice was aces.

CASPER: I can't say I disagree with you.

PAM: You also can't say you agree.

CASPER: Least favorite part?

PAM: At the count of three?

CASPER: 1...

PAM: 2....

CASPER: 3....

BOTH: Javier Bardem.

PAM: Oh man.

CASPER: Just... no.

PAM: Yeah. No. I also thought it was lightly devastating that Daughters of Triton was cut.

CASPER: Fantastic song.

PAM: But, after seeing those sisters... I'm like .... "I"m okay with that".

CASPER: Yeah, the under sea family casting was like an Ari Aster movie.

PAM: Wow.

CASPER: Favorite Part?

PAM: Count of three?

CASPER: 1...

PAM: 2..

CASPER: 3...

BOTH: Prince Eric.

PAM: Yes.

CASPER: But not his song.

PAM: Nope. Not his song.

CASPER: He was fun to watch. I was thinkin' about goin to the sea witch myself and gettin' rid of my voice to become human and meet that guy.

PAM: (Stares at him.)

CASPER: Overall I give it a paw and two little dog toes.

PAM: I'm giving it a full hand and 3 fingers.

CASPER: We're weird.

overall : 15/20

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